Why Mountain West Harvest Wants American Hemp To Be Legal

Support our American Economy

A true Industrial Hemp Revolution would be very good not only to American Farmers, but it would provide a multi billion dollar stimulus to our economy. It would create many thousands of
new jobs.

Quality, Dependability, and Trust

We believe we should not be forced by the government to get our food and alternative building supplies from foreign sources.
We want to know that our Organic foods are actually organic and not grown in the shadow of some chemical plant with toxic runoff.


We believe the people should be free to make our own decisions. Hemp is not a drug and
hemp is not marijuana.
The majority of Americans want hemp legal across state lines, but the politicians vote with who ever lines their pockets with cash or campaign contributions.

Our Goals:

To promote, educate, and research all aspects of industrial hemp.

• Educate people about the health, environmental, and economic advantages of hemp.
• We help loyal, educated customers achieve an active and healthy lifestyle, and work together to accomplish our goals.
• Work with business, government, and the researchers to expand and obtain freedom from the oppressive laws against this healthy super-food.

We believe the emerging American industrial hemp industry is trending towards being more acceptable and could be a great thing to the American Farmer.

Not only will this super-food contribute to the health of our Nation, but it could provide a substantial new, large and high paying place for employment for many Americans.


We are a USA based organization created to encourage and educate people on the benefits of the many products of hemp.

We are developing relationships with customers, local and state governments to help promote laws and regulations that benefit the hemp industry across our country.