A short story of oppression and why.

Mountain West Harvest started into this business because we saw a market for American grown hemp health food products.  We also recognized the potential of expanding industrial hemp as an alternative building material.

We were then threatened with having our assets and materials confiscated and threatened with prosecution for trying to sell American grown hemp.  Keep in mind hemp is not a drug and it is not marijuana!  There has been conflicting laws and interpretations of laws coming out of Washington.  The bottom line is the United States Congress and the President want to suppress American Farmers and industry from this potentially explosive boon to economic growth.

The crazy thing about this whole situation is that the US Congress and President would rather we send our money to China or Canada instead of having the jobs here in the USA.   You can go into most health foods stores in any state in the country and buy Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Seeds, and many kinds of hemp snacks and protein bars.   The problem is that all of this hemp has come from China or Canada or some other foreign country.

Why have the politicians continued to vote this way?  It is not just this current President or this current Congress, it has been this way for since 1937.  A political party does not matter, both the Democrats and Republicans have tried to keep this healthy superfood from the public.  Why?  It is simple, some are misinformed, and some vote against it because of political cash or contributions to their campaigns.

Call to Action!  We need your help.    For the first time, we have a real chance of passing significant legislation that could spark massive economic growth in this industry.
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