Take a moment to imagine you are harvesting a bountiful hemp plant on an Industrial Hemp farm in Colorado. This plant has invaluable properties that can positively contribute to many areas of your life. The seeds from the plant produce highly nutritious food products and protein powder. The plant fibres are used to build alternative material homes. Other parts of the plant are used for countless other things like clothing, paper, and clean energy. Then imagine taking the harvested hemp plant out of Colorado to another state. Once you cross the state line, however, you are arrested and put in prison for taking it across the country! But if you went down to your local health food store like Whole Foods and bought the same type of hemp products (only imported from China, Canada, or other foreign countries) it would be completely legal.

The crazy thing about this situation is industrial hemp is viewed as a drug, even though it is not the same as marijuana. However, the majority of politicians from both major parties want to suppress and control industrial hemp. They want to control what you eat, what you wear, and what materials you build homes and buildings with. Can an American can walk into health food stores in any state and buy Hemp Protein, Hemp Seeds and other Hemp products that come from Colorado, Oregon, California or the Midwest farming belt?  No! But they can walk into a health food store and buy hemp that is from China, Canada, or some other foreign country. We want Industrial Hemp legalized without restrictions across the entire USA, and we need your help!  Your brothers, sisters and families that have struggling small farms need your help.  Also, the alternative home builders and Americans with budding health food and nutrition businesses across the USA all want the same things.  Please join us to help pass H.R. 3530 (To amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana, and for other purposes). We have outlined all the things that need to be addressed here:

  1. Freedom for American Farmers to grow Industrial Hemp, and freedom to sell their products from those crops across state lines anywhere in the USA.
  2. Pass H.R. 3530 and Exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana in the Federal Controlled Substances Act and remove industrial hemp from being included in the Controlled Substances Act completely.
  3. Clarify the legal status of products made from Industrial Hemp.  Hemp is not a drug and products made from it should not be treated like one.  Instruct the DEA and the FDA to stop harassing farmers and consumers.
  4. Make it clear to the American Public that Industrial Hemp is not marijuana, make sure that Industrial Hemp is legal in every state, and make transporting Industrial Hemp legal anywhere across any state lines.
  5. Make the Industrial Hemp Business available to all Americans (not just a few large corporations that line the politician’s pockets with cash and political contributions).

The unrealized uses of Hemp to produce homes, clothing, paper, highly nutritious food, and health supplements are real. There is potential for a thriving new domestic industry in the USA that will create thousands and thousands of jobs!

You can help your family, friends, neighbours, fellow Americans, and even yourself. This will be a two billion dollar industry within the first two years of lifted restrictions with jobs and opportunities in many areas. The time to act is now. Tell Congress and the President to stop supporting foreign farmers and foreign industry. Please give our American farmers some support. American Hemp has the potential to feed you, clothe you, house you, and heal you.

It is time to allow American farmers and American citizens the opportunity to participate in this emerging market and to benefit from the properties of hemp products. I urge you to support this cause.  Click the red sign button on the page to sign the petition. Thank you for your support.

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